Monday, March 13, 2017

Ergo Fornicationis

     After putting the Tesla-C2 Dune Rider in park, Tech Sergeant Rydel climbed out of the vehicle and walked to the back where he dropped the tailgate. He removed his service revolver from its holster and pointed it at Major Derrick Peters, saying, “sir, please get out of the vehicle.”
     “Sergeant, you don’t have to do this,” Major Peters said.
     “Get out of the vehicle, sir.”
     The major scootched to the edge of the Tesla-C2, dropped his legs off the tailgate, and stumbled down. He said, “if you do this, there’s no going back.”
     “You got that wrong, sir. Soon as I get you set up, I’m going back,” Rydel replied.
     “Why do you think we’re out here?” Peters asked.
     “Orders, sir,” Rydel answered.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Res Relinquebant

     “Oh, come on,” the bard whined as he stood up from the gaming table where a black stone had just been placed inside a square of his white stones.
     “What?” the old woman innocently asked.
     “Don’t ‘what’ me,” he scolded. Pointing at the Go board, he said, “you can’t do that.”
     “Who says?”
     “The rules.”
     “Oh? Do tell.”
     “You can’t commit suicide,” Bard Kent stated.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Bona Tempora

     Leaning her head against the arm of the small couch, Cassie kept her eyes closed. She deliberately took slow breaths, while holding on tightly to the couch cushion. Silently fighting to stay conscious as her world spun out of control, the only thought she managed, not really dignified behavior for Mercury’s Messenger, is it? As if she had any control over her sudden blackouts, ever-constant urge to blow chunks, and incredibly weakened body. Without opening her eyes, she croaked, “you here?”
     “Yes,” the novice line cook answered.
     “Water.” Cassie managed to lift her hand up a few inches off the couch.
     “Here,” she shoved the glass of sugar water into the Messenger’s wavering hand.
     Careful not to spill, Cassie got the cup to her face, but was incapable of drinking in that awkward position. “Take it,” she ordered as she attempted to push herself up onto one elbow. During the process, she forgot to keep her eyes closed, and nearly hurled for her efforts. “Oh, I can’t,” she muttered as she fell back into the couch arm.