Monday, October 31, 2016

Debito Justitiae

“Here gloom hath enchantment in beauty’s array,
And whispering voices are calling away —
Their wooings are soft as the vision more vain —
I would live in their empire, or die in their chain.”
The Valley Cemetery, Mary Baker Eddy

*** *** ***

Author's Note

On occasion, we set out to accomplish tasks that can be described as nothing short of monumental. Inevitably, Naysayers show themselves owners of the stereotype by spouting off about the impracticalities or impossibilities of extraordinary accomplishments. Rarely do Naysayers offer useful commentary, preferring to jar one’s hopes with their own special brand of negativity. Much like a tsunami, the Naysayer’s tidal wave is enough to crush the early momentum necessary for the average person to continue toward their lofty goals. However, one who recognizes Naysayers as victims of verbal vomit, also recognizes that these very same Naysayers are also self-aggrandizing projectors putting onto others that which is only true of themselves. In other words, when a Naysayer speaks negativities they prove their own incapacities, impracticalities, and impossibilities. The average person fails to obtain their goals when they quit acting in conjunction with their personal potential for accomplishment as when they take a Naysayer’s negativity to heart. By understanding that a Naysayer speaks of their own potential through projection, the average person can flip incoming negativity into outgoing positivity.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Announcing Ignes Fatui

The next adventure starts: 31 October 2016

This is just a brief note to let you all know that so far everything is on track for Ignes Fatui to start Oct. 31, 2016. As with Terra Damnata's Saturday publications, the start date of Oct. 31st has determined the publishing day. Meaning, that since Halloween falls on a Monday this year, so too will each chapter of Ignes Fatui.